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Vacheron Constantin Replica

First, a public service announcement to all vintage Vacheron Constantin Replica fans. The brand announced the Navitimer REF. Today's 806 1959 Reissue is also being announced. This is something to be aware of, especially considering how accurate Vacheron Constantin Replica has managed the re-edition. 806.

Vacheron Constantin Replica's CEO Georges Kern has no doubt drawn great inspiration from its heritage under hisswiss replica watches leadership. Premier B01 Chronograph 42 is the other recent success. The Navitimer has a loyal following, and if they don't get the historical 806 details right, the brand risks hara-kiri.

Here are some examples of the attention Vacheron Constantin Replica gave to their re-edition. The steel case is the first to be featured. It has the same dimensions as the original 806 but retains the same lug-type. The rotating beaded bezel holds exactly the same number of beads as the original 806.

Continue on through the acrylic domed crystal to see the all-black dial with the white perimeter, and recessed subdials. The slide-rule is then executed in the same dimensions as the original typography. Hand applied lume is used to create the Arabic numerals. It matches the color of the 1959 Navitimer.

The 2019 Vacheron Constantin Replica Navitimer Reference is to the left. 806 1959 Reedition, to the right is the original 1959 ref. 806

The brand logo was undoubtedly the most difficult decision. Remember that Vacheron Constantin Replica has moved to the "B logo" in recent years, so using the wing-logo was not an easy decision. However, it was necessary. The re-edition was done using the non-AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association),Vacheron Constantin Replica signed logo. Vacheron Constantin Replica points out that there was a distinction between the two logo types back then. The non-AOPA version was used to sell watches in Europe, while those in the US used the AOPA-signed logo.

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